About ExD

About ExD

So. It's occurred to me that this is a sphere for which it's hard to create credibility unless you are/were an insanely popular camgirl.

Well, I was never that. I started camming in 2012 and I got a million lessons, not a million dollars.

One day I finally realized "the game" just wasn't set up for me.

And it never would be.

I was trying to build a business by letting another business siphon my hard earned business.

... Several of them, actually...

I've been in small business all my life.

If there's one thing I know I know how a business works.

There's over 5 (small (obvi) black owned) businesses in my immediate family alone and that's not including my own.

What I could never understand was why this one"place" this one industry seemed impervious to  business and entrepreneurial principles.

... There's about a million different reasons for that...

But what I'm learning is that the rules do apply, if you know where to apply them...

That's what ExD and the ExD Academy are all about.

The more I learn, the more I want to share.

I won't pretend I'm some multi AVN award winning whatever.

Not a top 1%er on anything,


As a matter of fact, I used to dream of being in the top 1000, not 100.

All I know is I wasn't the only one way at the bottom.

I wasn't the only one putting in hour after hour for dog shit.

And it was not because I'm not just as beautiful.

Not because I'm not just as smart.

Not because I didn't work as hard or want it as bad or any of the bullshit I've heard countless times from people who have never lived my life.

I'm homeless. In the middle of a goddamn pandemic and I'm still building out businesses.


Because I've always thought differently.

I've always challenged the norms.

And my only regret is that I listened to the bullshit fed to me for as long as I did.


You can turn your nose up or look the other way.

You are in no way obligated to give two flying fucks about me.

Believe me, seven years on page 5 taught me that.

But if you're capable of seeing something beyond just the images and the vanity,

If you're deep enough to know (like what yoga really means) innovation and change comes from experimentation and not being afraid to fail,

Whether you've had the privilege of success in this slanderous, judgmental, racist, sexist, abusive, cesspool of an industry or not,

if you still realize something is wrong,

ExD is for you.

But if you can't see that far, I'm wasting my time.

...See you next revolution...