Get Paid as an ExD Academy Ambassador!

ExD Academy Ambassadors are the face of the Academy.

The Ambassadors use their influence on websites and social media to reach like-minded models everywhere.

In exchange, they receive a nice lump sum every time they reach a certain number of signups.

    * $100 for every Summit signup!
    * Academy only signups count as bragging rights ;)
    * More signup types coming soon!

  (Don't worry everything will be thoroughly explained to accepted applicants <3)

ExD Ambassadors are independent contractors and the affiliates for ExD and the ExD Academy.

Their mission? Promote the Academy so as many models as humanly possible have access to the tools needed to build their dream business.

Sound interesting? Use the application below to apply.

If you're approved, you will be sent information on the next steps such as your unique referral link, Ambassador dashboard information, and required documentation for your weekly payments.