June 22, 2020

Hi There!~

You may have noticed the site is a little bare on the front end.

That's by design! But it will change soon enough <3

Nevertheless, thank you for joining me here – and welcome!

The public facing ExD is currently taking a back seat – as in, still under development.

Instead, my first priority is the models, the creators, and the influencers.

You may have noticed links to the ExD Academy.

This is where it all starts :)

The ExD Academy

The ExD Academy is a social network style community for content models of all types and backgrounds to meet, interact, and most importantly learn.

One of the major faults of our industry as a whole is the lack of training and teachings.

Often times (if not always), we are "thrown into the deep end" with few to no tools to do our best, let alone run a business.

Unless we teach ourselves or stumbled upon a few helpful friends, everything must be learned by experience. And while there's a wealth of validity and merit to that, in some cases, just having learned even a few basic principles prior to and/or throughout our journey could shave months or even years off the time it takes to experience some tangible amount of success or wellness.

And this includes ALL definitions of success and wellness. Not just finanacial. But energetic. Spiritual. Physical. And even mental wellness.

The ExD Academy aims to bring together our community with classes, activities and groups so that we all have a chance at creating a business that uniquely displays our strengths and talents without the need of trial and error, tearing ourselves apart, and/or tearing each other down in the process.

If you're curious to learn more: sign up for the free liveclass on July 15th.

If you're excited: check out the full course offerings for an idea of what's inside.

If you're super excited: Just apply to join the ExD Academy now!
Community access is free if you're approved <3

One more bit -- if you're already in love: become an ExD Academy Ambassador.
Once your application is approved, you'll get the dual benefits of introducing more beauties to ExD and earning another check :) Affiliates don't have to be creators to receive weekly payouts. Terms and Conditions apply.

Wishing you every success,